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Spicy Banderilla Cube pet


Spicy Banderilla Cube pet

1 Unit
Spicy Banderilla

Box: 1 unit
Gross weight: 4700 gr.
Net weight: 4500 gr.
Drained weight: 1800 gr.
Ingredients: Gherkin, pitted olives, peppers, pearl white onion, hot peppers, water, salt, vinegar, Ph regulator (E270), flavor enhancer (E621),
citric acid (E330) and preservative (E202)

Pickle is the quintessential, the flag. Its combination of flavors and presentation on a stick or flag makes it a very special pickled. Presented in a handy resealable container with which to consume more and the appropriate amount of product and re-close, preserving all the flavor.