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Green Olives with Fine herbs and lemon


Green Olives with Fine herbs and lemon

12 units
No additives or preservatives or colorings, we present these olives are selected in our Poniente de Granada olive trees and dressed with the most diverse natural seasonings.

Box: 12 units
Gross weight: 550 gr.
Net weight: 300 gr.
Drained weight: 140 gr.
Caliber: 200/220
Ingredients: Whole olives Hojiblanca 200/220, lemon (1%), fine herbs (0,5%), water, salt, citric acid (E330), ascorbic acid (E300)

The olives have these jars are packed in selected crops and fruits that will appreciate to test its texture, firm skin and fleshy heart. Made by hand, different seasonings and flavors will delight in your snacks, getting distance themselves from the rest of olives and positioning itself in the category of gourmet olives.