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Artichoke Jam


Artichoke Jam

12 units

Box: 12 Units
Unit Weight: 200 gr.
Box Weight: 5 Kg.
Ingredients: Artichoke, sugar, water, fruit pectin, locust bean gum, citric acid, ascorbic acid
Jam produced from a careful selection of artichokes

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INMENSA gourmet jam artichoke allows you to enjoy cutting edge cuisine at home. Made from a selection of the best artichokes Spanish season and using traditional craft techniques in its production, a product of great quality and 100% natural mild flavor that will surprise is achieved. The INMENSA gourmet jams have a dual function, first serve excellent pairing to accompany meat and fish dishes, and secondly, a magnificent ingredient for making pastries. In this case, the jam INMENSA artichoke unique in its flavor, is recommended to taste with any preparation of meat, fish and cheese.